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Masjid Al-Islam occupies a converted two-story Victorian house. Situated across the street from the Hospital of St. Raphael, and on a busy commuter street, this location is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

The Masjid has also made and effort to buy, and to encourage Muslims to buy, the properties surrounding the Masjid building. Currently, there are 5 houses owned by Masjid Al-Islam, or other Muslims, immediately behind the Masjid on Gilbert Avenue. The area between these buildings is connected by a shared parking lot. One of these houses has been converted to “Darul Quran” a location used for community meetings, classes and social gathering.

The others are single and multifamily houses. This setup allows a large fenced complex, even in an urban location, for Masjid activities and community presence.

Iqama Times


May 20-26

Juma Prayer  1:15pm 

Fajar 4:15 am
Dhuhr 1:15 pm
Asar 5:00 pm
Maghrib 8:15 pm
Isha 9:55 pm


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Masjid Al-Islam

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Amir: Bro.Saifuddin Hassan
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Imam: Hafith Abdul Hannan
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